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[001] concerning which a dispute etc. (as above) be extended and appraised. And since
[002] you then did nothing [in response] to our command, we order you again, firmly
[003] enjoining you by the faith in which you are bound to us, to assemble at such a
[004] place and time, setting aside all other business and delay, and, having taken an
[005] oath before our sheriff, such a one, (or ‘before our beloved and faithful A. and B.
[006] whom we have constituted justices for this matter, or either of them if both are
[007] unable to attend’) to extend and value lawfully, discreetly, and properly all the
[008] lands and tenements etc. (as above). And make that extent and valuation known
[009] to our justices at Westminster (or ‘to the aforesaid A. and B. constituted justices
[010] for this matter, or to one of them, that these justices may more fully certify our
[011] justices at Westminster on the day given them’) under your seals. In testimony
[012] whereof etc. Witness etc.’ If when the knights come the sheriff is negligent, let this
[013] writ then be sent to the sheriff.

Writ where the knights appear but the sheriff is negligent.

[015] ‘The king to the sheriff, greeting. We ordered such knights by our letters patent
[016] to assemble on such a day at such a place and, having taken an oath before you, to
[017] extend and cause to be valued lawfully, discreetly and properly all the lands and
[018] tenements of such a one etc., concerning which there was a concord made between
[019] A. and B., as is more fully contained in our letters patent sent to the same knights.
[020] We further ordered you, setting aside all delay, to be in attendance there on the
[021] same day to take the oaths of the aforesaid knights for the making of that extent
[022] and valuation of the lands and tenements of the aforesaid honour in accordance with
[023] the instructions contained more fully in our letters patent, and, the extent having
[024] been made, to cause the aforesaid A. to have full seisin of all the lands etc. (as above),
[025] excepting the lands etc. (as above). Whereas it has been shown us on behalf of the
[026] aforesaid A. that the aforesaid knights did nothing, and that you by your negligence
[027] permitted the aforesaid A. and B. and the aforesaid knights to depart sine
[028] die, leaving the business wholly incomplete, and because you conducted yourself
[029] in that business with insufficient diligence and discretion, we once more order
[030] you as we formerly ordered you, in the faith by which etc., to be at such a place
[031] on such a day etc. (as above). And if any of the aforesaid knights chosen on the
[032] part of either the aforesaid A. or B. do not come before you on the said day, then
[033] put others in their place for the making of that extent and valuation,


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