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[001] his full age, or against him by a tenant, that he not be answered, then, if there is
[002] doubt about it, let proof of age be made after resummons. Let resummons be made at
[003] the instance of the demandant by this writ.

Writ to resummon a plea which remained without day because of minority.

[005] ‘The king to the sheriff, greeting. Summon A. by good summoners to be before our
[006] justices, at etc. to hear the record and his judgment in the plea which was in our same
[007] court before etc. between B. demandant and the aforesaid A. tenant with respect to
[008] so much land with the appurtenances in such a vill, so that the plea then be in the
[009] same state in which it was when it remained without day because the aforesaid A.
[010] was then within age, and is now of age, as it is said. And have there the summoners
[011] and this writ. Witness etc.’ If when he appears in court there is doubt about his
[012] age, let proof be made, as above. If it is established that he is of full age, let the plea
[013] proceed between the parties. If he is not yet of full age, let an enquiry be made as to
[014] when he may be of full age, and let that be noted on the rolls. When age has been so
[015] proved against the chief lord [and] when the demandant has recovered seisin, if
[016] waste or destruction has been committed let a writ for giving seisin and for enquiring1
[017] as to waste issue together in one writ, in this form.

Writ when one now of full age has recovered seisin against the chief lord and also as to waste committed while he was under age, in one writ.

[019] ‘The king to the sheriff, greeting. Know that A. son and heir of B. has lawfully recovered
[020] in our court before etc., by judgment of our same court, as one who has proved
[021] his age in our same court, his seisin against C. of the lands and tenements which
[022] belonged to the aforesaid B. his father in your bailiwick, of which lands and tenements
[023] the aforesaid C. had the wardship by our grant. Therefore we order you without
[024] delay to cause the same A. to have full seisin of all the lands and tenements which
[025] belonged to the aforesaid B. his father (or ‘which were in the hand of the aforesaid
[026] C. by our grant’) in your bailiwick. And since it is alleged before our aforesaid justices
[027] that the aforesaid C., while that land was in his hand by our aforesaid grant, commited
[028] great waste and exile in houses, gardens, woods and other things to the disherison
[029] of the said A., we order you to go to the aforesaid land, taking with you twelve,


1. ‘inquirendo’

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