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[001] ‘A. offered himself on the fourth day against B. with respect to such a plea and B. did
[002] not appear; the sheriff was ordered to attach him (or ‘to have his body’ or ‘to distrain
[003] him by his lands and chattels’). The sheriff sent word that he ordered the bailiffs
[004] of such a liberty and they did nothing therein. Therefore the sheriff is ordered not to
[005] omit because of such liberty from putting the aforesaid B. by gage and pledges (or
[006] ‘from having his body,’ or ‘from distraining him by [his] lands and chattels,’ or ‘from
[007] taking such land into the hand of the lord king,’ or from doing some other thing in
[008] accordance with the order of the lord king) and let the bailiff be summoned by the
[009] sheriff to be present to answer as to why the order of the lord king was not executed.’
[010] Let the writ be in this form.

Writ that the sheriff not omit because of a liberty.

[012] ‘The king to the sheriff, greeting. We order you not to omit because of the liberty
[013] of such a one from putting B. by gage and safe pledges to be etc. to answer etc. (or
[014] in another way according to what was ordered etc., as above. And then let it be said:)
[015] as to which you have sent word to our justices etc. that you ordered the bailiff (or
[016] ‘steward’) of such a liberty to attach him to be present at such a day etc. who did
[017] nothing therein. Summon the aforesaid bailiff (or ‘steward’) by good summoners to
[018] be before our justices at the aforesaid term to answer as to why our order was not
[019] executed,’ or ‘why he did not attach the aforesaid B. (or do whatever it is that he
[020] did not do) as he was ordered,’ or, in another way, according to some, ‘that the bailiff
[021] be present to hear his judgment as to this etc.’ If when the sheriff wishes to enter
[022] entry is denied him, because of the opposition of the bailiffs of the liberty, let the
[023] sheriff be ordered, as before, not to omit because of the liberty from attaching such a
[024] one in the manner aforesaid. And if he meets resistance, having assumed to himself,
[025] if need be, a sufficiency of knights and free men of the county, to seize the bodies of all
[026] the resistors and keep them safe in prison until the lord king has indicated his will in
[027] the matter. And let the lord of the liberty be attached to be present at the aforesaid
[028] day to defend himself, if he can, with respect to the aforesaid trespass. If he avows
[029] it or cannot defend himself, let that liberty be taken into the hand of the lord king,
[030] to be held at the will of the lord king, because he deserves to lose the liberty who
[031] abuses the power given him. And though in the first case the sheriff may enter since
[032] he has an order to do so, if the bailiff


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